EZY Corporation is a Singapore based transnational organization with over 1000 employees from over 30 nationalities. With operations in 15 countries across South Asia and South East Asia, EZY Corporation probably is one of the few Singapore based organizations who have successfully establish business presence in the frontier markets of Asia.Having begun its operations and a technology distributor, EZY have grown to become a diversified organization with core business focuses in Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Infrastructure, Logistics, Services, Education, Enterprise and Distribution verticals, serving over 10,000 businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporates.

EZY Corporation have successfully transformed themselves to become a business catalyst who enable’s businesses in broad the frontier markets of Asia by successfully transforming their knowledge, temperament and their successful cultural blending of these markets as a platform to transform business interest into a successful model.

Driven on a unique ‘Entrepreneurial Management’ style that has successfully created an organization culture driven by employees, EZY Corporation today engages in diversified business activities with over 7 different subsidiaries. As a one of the few Singapore based organizations who have strong business presence in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Thailand and Maldives, EZY Corporation have successfully formed partnerships in multiple business verticals they represent.